ArtCom 3000 specializes in production, arrangements and communication – creation and distribution of texts, photos, videos and exhibitions from spheres where communication is complicated, new or too old archaic.


We work for a number of scientific and research institutes and businesses, we process texts, write articles, provide photographs, audio, video, publish in the media. The main project is Sci-line, which integrates these activities. A specific communication platform that fights against counterfeiting and fraud through research results and advanced technologies is the Orig-in-all.


Our true passion. We operate as a golf travel agency, we offer golf tuition, we write about golf, produce articles and photos for golf media, we provide information and advisory service… and if there is some time left then we play golf. We run these websites: KurzGolfu – how to get started with golf, GolfCesty – about golf and travel, – our guide for foreign golfers coming to the Czech Republic.

We cooperate with Go Golf Media
⇒ How to catch Czech golfers on-line


We consider the Czech Republic to be extraordinarily beautiful and we want to introduce it to as many people as possible. Rivers, lakes and dams are one of our big treasures. We created the website and we fill it with information, photos and videos so provide visitors with direct link to local providers of services.