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Many partners look for an effective communication channel aiming directly at Czech golfers. We have one of the best solutions.

Our annual media impact was incredible:
87.404 website visits, 291.803 facebook visits, more than 2.000 direct e-mail contacts.

How many Czech golfers do you want to catch?

Easy calculation:
CPM (Cost Per Thousand) is 20 €

If you want to to reach 10.000 Czech golf contacts you will spend only 200 €

You can take advantage of all kinds of on-line media outputs (banners, photos, videos, articles, links etc.) and create your own cost plan depending on your goals. Since some of them will be contacted repeatedly, we recommend combining different kind of media outputs – video and banners and text, etc.

How to catch Czech golfers on-line

Banner in newsletters
On golf travel website
Like favourite destination – info
Banner on main website – four tours
Banner on golf tour website
All activities are supported by social networks
Costs of production, texts, translation into Czech language etc. depend from range of needs.

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